Well Hello There!

I’m finally pulling the trigger and launching my blog. But obviously you know that, because here you are (and thank you for that!). I have to admit, I am feeling a mixture of excitement and dread with this endeavor. Excitement because I am looking forward to sharing more of what I love with home decor and DIY . . . and dread because, well, WHAT IF I FAIL?! Isn’t that the reason most of us don’t do something? The overwhelming fear of failure? All the emotions that accompany that fear? The getting back up and moving on after a failure. Do you try again, do you give up? The self doubt. All of that is the absolute worst. But on the other side of the coin . . . WHAT IF I SUCCEED? The emotions that come with that. . . the pride, the joy . . . the possibility of those drives me more than the fear prevents me. And, well this is me, deciding to focus on the latter and JUST GOING FOR IT. This has been my same approach with DIY . . . it’s the advice I give others who come to me for guidance about starting some daunting DIY or home improvement . . . the four words I always say : JUST GO FOR IT! Seriously. The hardest step you will ever take is that first step . . . so here goes nothing.

Contract Day

I am creating this space as a supplement to my existing home account on instagram. Thats where this particular journey started. I have always had a love for interior design and home decor, but it wasn’t until we built our current home that I REALLY found my obsession for it. Having the opportunity to design our home during the build process really stoked the flame for my passion, and curating the pieces that filled our home was just a bonus to that.

Move in day!

We built our home in 2019, and it was exactly what we wanted . . . well, almost. There were little things we had plans to add and change and improve but we never really could find the time. Between our careers, our 3 daughters and, well, life in general, we never could get around to it. Enter 2020. Or the year who’s name we shall never speak . . . 2020 brought us loads of time, and with it, loads of anxiety. In the midst of these two things, I felt inspired. Inspired to grab a few tools, watch a ton of YouTube tutorials and, say it with me, JUST GO FOR IT.

Before and After of my first trim project

It started with a window trim makeover. I practiced on a window upstairs in our family room because I didn’t want to risk bombing and destroying one of the windows downstairs. Everyone sees those windows, nobody sees the ones upstairs except us. With this project I learned the basics of a mitre saw and a braid nailer, and while it was all still pretty daunting, it left me wanting more. So I continued to practice on more windows around the house, and eventually moved on to bigger and better projects. But that’s getting ahead of myself a little. Those projects will be for another day, another blog post . . . and I really hope you stay tuned to see what I have to share . . . I think it will be worth it, and I hope my work inspires you to find that fire in yourself to just go for it, and make your home beautiful, one project at a time.

Till the next time


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