Fall 2021 ORC

After much convincing and a bit of FOMO, I finally signed up to participate in the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge, and I am pretty excited about it! If you are not familiar with the One Room Challenge, also known as the ORC, it is a biannual challenge that encourages community and creativity among its participants to make over a room over the course of 8 weeks. It is not a competition, but rather an opportunity for creatives to join in a community that encourages and supports one another during the process of a room transformation, and I have always wanted to participate!

This whole project actually just began with my plans to build a custom entertainment center and window bench along the largest wall in our downstairs living room. The current setup is just a standard tv stand and some additional decor, as seen below. To date, the only DIY in this room is the window trim.

Overall I like my living room, but I could never really get this focal wall just right. I have never really loved it, and a few weeks ago, I felt inspired to sketch up some plans for a built in. Now normally with the ORC, week one is all about the mood board reveal . . . . but I can’t really put one together because I still haven’t decided on a color, so this week I’ll just be sharing my sketched plans. Nothing fancy, just a rough sketch of what I imagined I wanted to build.

The space downstairs is an open floor plan, and this room flows into the kitchen, so the plan is to build the units to match the height of the kitchen cabinets so it all flows and feels somewhat cohesive. I’ll be building cabinets all along the bottom, with 6″ bases to match the height of the existing baseboards around the house. I will be building bookshelves over the right 2 cabinets, and then an open upper unit for the tv over the cabinets on the left. This wall has one window, so the asymmetry created a challenge for me. I spent some time stalking Pinterest and found a few ideas that inspired me to add a window bench underneath, possibly with drawers for storage (depending on the availability of space) and some cute sconces to serve as reading lights (thats the fancy little triangles you’ll see flanking the windows in my super professional drawing above).

Another change I plan on making in the space is to finally add a light fixture in this room. We have a few lamps as well as some recess lighting, but we have always planned on adding a light fixture in the center of the room, we just never made it a priority. Currently, I find myself torn between a few, but the left below is the front runner. The only concern for me is the price tag . . . so time will tell where we land on that.

I’m also deciding on sconces for above the bench, and whether or not I want 1 or 2 of them. Another reason I don’t have a mood board together for ORC . . . I am so indecisive! And honestly, the sconce decision will also be impacted on the main light fixture, as they will have to compliment one another. Check out how different my options are for that below.

It goes without saying, but there will be plenty of new decor happening with the shelves, I’ll be changing up the wall art, the coffee table decor as well as some of the throw pillows.

I will be updating my progress once a week over the next 8 weeks so I hope you hang around to see how it goes. This weekend I’ll update the blog with my progress of the lower cabinets and the bench.

Let me know what you think in the comments, check out my instagram stories and highlights for videos fo the process, and make sure to go the ORC blog site to see all the other talented individuals participating in the challenge this fall : www.oneroomchallenge.com/orc-blog

Remember, you’ve got this, so just go for it!



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