Fall ORC 2021 : Built-In Cabinets

I am probably the worst blogger in the world . . . ORC Fall 2021 Reveal came and went a few days ago . . . and my room is done, but I have been so busy over the last 2 months with life in general that I have not found the time to shareContinue reading “Fall ORC 2021 : Built-In Cabinets”

Fall 2021 ORC

After much convincing and a bit of FOMO, I finally signed up to participate in the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge, and I am pretty excited about it! If you are not familiar with the One Room Challenge, also known as the ORC, it is a biannual challenge that encourages community and creativity among itsContinue reading “Fall 2021 ORC”

Custom Walk In Closet For Teen

Have you ever opened your child’s closet and just screamed at the disaster it is? Same my friend, same. Especially when it comes to my teenage daughter. Add the fact that it is a smaller walk in rather than just a reach in, and we are talking storage for mounds of her junk. This mammaContinue reading “Custom Walk In Closet For Teen”

Pocket Office Part 1

The moment we stepped into the model of our home, we knew it was the one. Each space we walked through solidified the choice for us, it checked so many of our NEED and WANT boxes when it came to buying a new home and we were easily sold. There was one space that weContinue reading “Pocket Office Part 1”

Well Hello There!

I’m finally pulling the trigger and launching my blog. But obviously you know that, because here you are (and thank you for that!). I have to admit, I am feeling a mixture of excitement and dread with this endeavor. Excitement because I am looking forward to sharing more of what I love with home decorContinue reading “Well Hello There!”